Seeing the oneness in all being

  You just might wonder, how does the christ heal a dash board windo ofa car? EZ He would only recongnize the whole peices and not the broken devision. The wholness will grow untill the windo is one peace again. As with all of our relationships, if you onely take notice of the things you have in common with all, all would be healed. To say” Oh she is black, lesbian and old” is seeing the diferences between you. You are rendering yoiuself spiritualy deada nd seperated from others. If you religion teaches you to view in such a mannerl ask youself if you religion is spiritual enought to actually heal you or not. Seeing deferences in others is not spiritual at all. Such religions who foster thse teches of diferences are misguiding you like the blind leading the blind to destruction. If a freind or relative instructed you to hatea certain minority, tell them that you are too educated to view them in such mal contempt. The mass majority of the world religions teach separation and judgement; taht is why we are turing to alternative spiritual paths or philosophies. best yet, trust you inner conscuosness and do waht feels right. This is what the Catholic chuirch termed as ‘relativism’ this way of thinking had ruined the church in europe and ther USA.    We are n;t letting others or religion to teach us to think or act. I instruct you all to go within. If you are having problems with this, do read my book [ the enoigma of god, a revelationto man’ by me frank antonetti


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