The finite mind and our true origin – can we go there?

You are without beginning or end says Gautama Buddha. Our true origin is beyond
the point of time itself as time is an illusion; the concept of origin is
equally an illusion; it is the limited thinking mind that conceive of such
notion of origin in it linear time line. 
To behold any concept of origin is to define you as limited and finite;
and to be beheld as a wheel lost to its axle, and bound to stubble.  We are living in the realms of the dead if we
hold such debilitating attitudes; however, there are far too many souls who
aren’t aware of it. Such unawareness adds
a negative weight to our realm; which furthered disassociated us from reality. The
concept of timelessness is impossible for the human finite brain to comprehend.
When we are in spirit, we would be better able to contemplate on the concept of
timelessness as we would have lost our finite brains. Finite brains can only
view us and God as it knows itself; as finite. Your world religion has been wrongly
miswritten to accommodate such a finite brain. It has been said the religions
will not last the test the time as we progress into the future. The reason
being it that our ways of thinking will be all to abstract in nature and
intuitively beyond out present thinking modality to ever think of the finite. The
finite mind thinks in linear time and is vulnerable to attach and retributions
as it is material and subject to change. Abstract reasoning understands that change
is a part of life all of it good and bad is to be taken in stride as the music of
humanity praising God faithfully. In understanding our origin, I can only
instill in you the old world ‘faith’ in the divine. This ‘old world faith’
understands that the mind is a poor tool in understanding God, and that we must
go beyond its finite boundaries.

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