Does God know we are here??

records – Or to say no foot-print? perhaps, so. 
 If you did have any accredited records,
you would be able to validate your existence here. The Akashic files aren’t accredited
records. These Akshic files are evident to itself alone and all those who are
subjective to them and progenerate them as prove of their existence and future
false growths in its realms. These files are as physical and responsive to the illusions
progenerating  as the illusion itself.
The reason why it is allowed to register and hold any credibility with is
foster members, are of it illusive vestment as it takes up all livable space
and it evident of all life therein. If is the master of karma as it is partially
blessed by the divine as may function as a way back to the divine due to divine
interventions therein. In answering the posed question of ‘no record ‘, we are
to see that this system posed by these monitors of these akashic files that
they value aren’t servants of the divine at all. They may appear as angelic
forces, but aren’t recognized an agent of God’s will for us here. In fact, the
only agents of God here are the one who show you that your system of reality it
real. This is the ‘so- realistic’ arm of the branch of Satan that we think is
not a servant of God; when, in fact, is more of a servant then the Christ itself.
There is a reason why in Islam they believe that Lucifer was more in love with
God them anyone else; that is because, he is the carrier of the truth of what
these false realms of heavens and earths are and aren’t.


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