You true security – where is it found?

fact, the only security we have is with God. I have tried all varieties of pray,
but have found the Christian pray to the most effective and powerful. To pray
in the name of the father, (God); the son, (Christ); and the Holy Spirit, (the coming
together of all things as one) are all reality self-realized. God is the
measure of reality as all is the measure itself up to; the Chris is the
embodiment of the sons of son as one; the Holy Spirit is the coming together of
what seems to be separate on one level to oneness on the level of God.  If you should pray for all things; of which,
all things are owing to you, you would be like God, and to live as a God.  This is the only security to be relied on; all
other false forms only give illusive manifestations and are to be seen as
unreliable. In Ursula la Guinn’s children book “The wizard of Earth Sea”, Jed
was instructed not to eat his out magic when manifesting food. The results
would be that he would be even hungrier after. The only securities to be found are
with both in your failures in live and your successes; however, in your successes,
you are to see  what they are, and what
they are not. There is nothing in your world, but in forgiveness of your
brothers and sister of what they didn’t do; that is doing any wrong against you.
You might wonder that rape is rape and your feels are held back to that point
in time. The healing of this is in you choosing to set yourself up before this
earthly incarnation, and you’re not a victim at all. It is the rapist who is
the true victim as he or she is accused of rape and seen as bad is the
viewpoint of the angels in heaven – no you!

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